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Inspire is an education company that is based in Tripoli Libya. Inspire was established on November 2016 with an aim to provide the best of knowledge to the Libyan citizens. The vision of Inspire is “ To Inspire a passion for lifelong learning using the best of knowledge to enable the masses to create a better life for themselves and their communities ”.

The mission of Inspire is to close the gap between the developed world and Libya. Education is a big part of this mission. People in Libya have to be given the same level of knowledge as those who live in developed countries to be able to compete. Unfortunately the education system is messed up in Libya. It’s our mission to provide quality education to Libyans.

Our mission is targeted at 9 to 17 years old. At Inspire we chose to focus on this sector because they are the future. So if we want to provide the best of knowledge to this sector we need to understand the future that they will be living in. A future that is digital. A future that has technology and information at its root. A future that belongs only to those who improve themselves daily.